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Ranveer Brar


Duration:299 Minutes
Topic: 6
Recipe: 14

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Anglo Indian cuisine and the influneces of the Raj 

The history origins and significance of "Shorva"

History of ther tandoor and its foray in Indian cuisine.

A cultural context into hyderabad , its turk afghan connections and its cuisine.

A cultural context into Lucknow , its persian roots and its cuisine.

The travel of india food to Uk , history of moti mahal.

An insight inti kerala , its three primary cultures and toddy shop food.

Delhi , its cuisine , culture and the history of Pasanda.

History and the anthropological study of Biryani.

Pulao history , etymology  and its travels from persia

Kashmiri cuisine , an intruduction

A conversation on rice puddings in India , firni , kheer , gulatthi

A history of bread n butter puddings in india (double ka meetha , shahi tukda ).

Halwa / helwa and its travles from Arab to india , various connotations

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